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Experience, Versatility, and Quality Without Compromise

Aircraft Maintenance and Repair

We provide uncompromising quality services from experienced and versatile maintenance personnel.

Comprehensive Aircraft Maintenance Services in St. Andrews and Winnipeg

Aircraft Maintenance Solutions INC. is a professional aircraft maintenance company, which provides commercial and private aircraft maintenance services. A.M.S is qualified and equipped to perform inspection(s) as well as general maintenance on aircraft that meet(s) or exceed(s) standards. Serving St. Andrews and Winnipeg since 2014, we have experienced and versatile personnel to meet customers’ requirements while ensuring aircraft safety.

Should you want your aircraft to be serviced in our hangar facility or need us to travel to your site for maintenance, A.M.S is here to help you. To learn more, kindly browse our range of aircraft maintenance services.


To provide Manitoba, Eastern Saskatchewan, and other remote customers with exceptional service. Our versatile and experienced team believes in providing quality maintenance without compromise.


To be the choice maintenance provider for private and commercial aircraft. We continue striving to meet customers’ requirements while maintaining strict adherence to safety. We are always expanding our capabilities and promoting company growth.


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We are always ensuring work carried out meets or exceeds regulatory standards

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We believe in providing a level of transparency showing customers that they are welcomed and valued

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We do let customers and employees know that they are equally important by empowering them to make informed choices

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We believe in completing the work on time, with minimal operational impact

AIR MILES® Reward Miles

At Aircraft Maintenance Solutions INC., we don’t want you to miss any rewarding moment. That’s why we’re now offering AIR MILES® Reward Miles to enable our customers to get Miles every step of the way. Whenever you schedule aircraft maintenance services with A.M.S you’ll be rewarded with Miles to get you closer to you next Reward.


Our Partners

Gregorash Aviation
Mobile Air Services
Aero Recip (Canada) Ltd.
Canadian Propeller Ltd.
Propworks Propeller Systems
Russell Flying Club
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Supporting Your Fleet

We offer safe, quality and reliable maintenance to both private and commercial aircraft.

person repairing a plane

The Care Your Aircraft Deserves

We focus on the specifics of your aircraft and the quality of our service.

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Looking for Aircraft Maintenance Services?

We provide professional, accurate aircraft assessment, repair, and maintenance services to you in a reasonable time frame.

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